Sustainability through Energy Management and use of Renewable Energy

CONSYST is committed to the sustainability efforts being initiated by world leaders towards reduction of carbon footprint. We exhibit a technology backed value proposition for our customers to be part of this mission, at the same time ensuring that they enjoy quick RoI (Return on Investments) as incentive for their determination to change.

Solar Energy Services

CONSYST offers Technical Support and Implementation Support services to customers requiring solar energy solutions. The core technical competency of the team provides cost-effective solutions in the following verticals:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Project Consultancy & EPC.
  • Data Monitoring and Assessment of Solar PV and Thermal Projects.
  • Customized Solar energy based solutions / Special Solar Applications
  • Solar Energy Forecasting Services.

Energy Audit and Management

The Energy Audit and Energy Management Systems team of CONSYST offers cost-effective business models to customers to assess their energy consumption and subsequent solutions to reduce the carbon footprints on energy. Out technical expertise can support:

  • Energy Audits.
  • Energy Management Solutions.
  • Data Monitoring of Energy Projects.
  • Energy Services and Consultancy.
  • VFD Solutions for Motors, Pumps and Fans
  • Renewable Energy Retrofits for Energy Conservation

Training and Skill Development

The core team of CONSYST has expertise in providing, resourceful training and skill added course to your team on Subjects of Solar Photovoltaic, and on Energy Managment, and Energy Forecasting.

CONSYST offers in house training programmes at our state-of-the-art facility located in the lush green state of Kerala in India. We also partner with Organisations and companies across the world to conduct Training and Skill Development programmes for Technicians, Engineers & Energy Managers across the world.