We are in a technology-driven era where cyber-physical systems are taking control of manufacturing and production. The fourth industrial revolution has brought massive changes to the way we live with smart and innovative technologies. Smart factories helps businesses to scaling up productivity and quality, predictability of maintenance apart from optimizing utility of raw material.

CONSYST helps our customers to design and implement various Industry4.0 Systems that can add many values to your business including productivity & quality improvement, Consumption optimization, reduce down time etc.
Our strong knowledge in OT Systems (Plant Control Systems & Instrumentation systems) and IT Systems enable us to design a packaged solutions for your requirement. We always provide scalable and cost-effective solutions that will follow Industry standards, and Open architecture.


We help our customers on early stage of project in Requirement drafting, Feasibility study, Solution architecting, Budgeting, Designing, & Process flow preparation etc. As one of the early adapters & forerunner of Industry4.0 Technologies, and our years of experience in Industry enable us to give guidance on designing a sustainable and cost-effective system using latest technology and trends. Our deliverables include Feasibility study report, Design document, System architecture, UI Design template, Required Specifications, Budget etc.


Our years of experience in OT & IT Systems help us on easy integration of the plat OT systems with Industry4.0 systems. As a vendor independent System Integrator, our technical resources are experienced in almost all major OEM products, which help us on easy integration of different OEM systems including Legacy and latest systems. We support our customers on Designing & implementation of Plant OT Systems starting from field sensors to SCADA & DCS and the latest Industry4.0 systems.

Our value proposition includes a complete system architecture design including robust and secure multi-tiered networks and communications systems to ensure reliable data flow. We offer Offshore Development Services, On-site Consulting Services so that our customers can leverage more value at low cost.