The World of Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are in a technology-driven era where cyber-physical systems are emerging around the world. The fourth industrial revolution has brought massive changes to the way we live with smart and innovative technologies.

Intelligent systems and smart factories help the user in scaling up productivity and quality, predictability of maintenance apart from optimizing utility of raw material.

Industry 4.0 team of CONSYST goes the extra mile to help customers embrace this digital transformation effectively.

Industrial IoT

CONSYST provides IIoT solutions that help customers collect, aggregate, analyse and present data from physical systems. Our solutions are designed to benefit the customer in such a way to improve productivity & quality, predictability of maintenance and reducing down-time.

We have aligned our solutions for:

  • Renewable energy sector
  • Food & Beverages
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Process Industries

Cloud Platforms

Our Cloud Platform is combined with  IIoT systems to facilitate remote data collection, aggregation, analytics and presentation,

This helps data access anywhere round the clock. The cloud system is a cost-effective method, which doesn't need installation and management of dedicated machines and it guarantees enhanced system performance and data redundancy.

Data from the field are collected & transferred to Cloud System by Gateways or Edge computing devices. The time series database management system of our Cloud platform ensures reliable data storage.

Cyber Security

Privacy & security are crucial when it comes to internet/public network.

As internet is widely used across the globe with everyone online round the clock, there is a high risk of network intrusion and data theft.

The SSL- certified systems that are strengthened by SHA256 encryption and security token-based authentication make all data transmissions & communications super-safe. They are also equipped with multi-tier architecture for data security.


Maintenance planning is a key to boosting the productivity and cutting down the operation cost & down time.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps you extend the life of your valuable assets and facilitates seamless maintenance planning.

CONSYST offers CMMS solutions to Energy/Power, Food /Beverages, Water/Waste water, and Process industry.

Our offerings will cover:

  • Predictive & Periodic maintenance
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Asset Management & Inventory
  • Service Request & Work order Management
  • Maintenance Records & Reports

Reports & Analytics

We provide business analytics solutions that help our customers improve the productivity & quality of the organisation.

CONSYST is a pioneer in providing Reporting & Analytics solutions for Renewable energy, Food & Beverages, Water & Waste water, & process industries.

Our offerings are listed below:

  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation solutions
  • Dashboarding & Reporting systems
  • Artificial Intelligent & Predictive systems

Mobile Apps

Your smartphone just gets smarter here! Our Cloud platforms, Reporting & Analytics System, and CMMS are easily accessible from a smartphone. Moreover, all our tools are compatible with Android and iOS apps.