Automation and Control Systems are changing very fast on a daily basis. Every aspect of Plant is becoming smarter and more intelligent starting from MCC/PCC to SMART Instruments with all control & monitoring being done remotely and some of them with mobility.

CONSYST always keep itself upgraded to the latest trends and advise clients on each project requirement whether to go with a SMART System, a conventional system or a hybrid one.This is today’s challenge with every customer – What is the extent of digitization and smartness required. This depends on various parameters like geography, human resource, financial viability etc. CONSYST’s expertise in optimising and bringing balance in choice, adds value to our offer to the customers.

Our engineers are proficient in Analysis and optimisation of Equipment Sizing which directly has impact on cost of equipment – helps reducing overall CAPEX. We have successfully executed and delivered optimised Plants in sectors such as Energy (Renewable & Non Renewable), Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Environment etc.


CONSYST offers LV Control Panel Solutions for customers in Asia, Middle East & Africa. We build control panels for both indoor and outdoor applications in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. Our product range caters to all industries ranging from environment, process, oil and gas to infrastructure.

We follow modern manufacturing management techniques like Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) to ensure that we deliver our products to customers with minimum lead time. Following are some of the Control Panels we manufacture

MCC Panels, AMF Panels, PLC Panels, AC Drive (VFD) Panels, Instrumentation Panels
Control & Relay (CR) Panels. MCC panels are designed both fixed-Type as well as Draw-out-Type. Ingress Protection up to IP-56 can be achieved.


Process Control System Integration and related services are our core expertise. As a result, CONSYST is recognised as a leader in the design and implementation of software-based controls systems.

We act as a Single Point Contact for all technologies related to industrial automation providing expertise and accountability to reduce customer risk. Our skilled technical resources develop complete solutions that efficiently extract and deliver information from the sensing and control devices in the field, through the data gathering, regulatory control and monitoring systems, into advanced process control and operations applications and up into enterprise systems like CMMS & ERP. As a Vendor independent, Multinational System Integrator, our core expertise extends to all major Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units (RTU).

Our value proposition includes a complete system architecture design including robust and secure multi-tiered networks and communications systems to ensure reliable data flow. We offer Offshore Development Services, On-site Consulting Services so that our customers can leverage more value at low cost.

Project Management

CONSYST has been designing and implementing top-quality engineering solutions in many industries for a decade. Each customer is different and we have a project management team that utilizes a proven approach that is tailored to your needs.

When we work with our Market Access partners, we let our partner do the Project Management, which helps the end user overcome cultural and language barriers. At the same time, we make sure that our partner fully understand the customer needs

We also are audited twice a year to ensure ongoing ISO 9001-2014 compliance.

We utilize these standards, excellent client communication, sound design practices, and knowledge of the latest products and technologies to meet all your requirements for a successful project.

CONSYST – Project Management