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Engineering, Procurement, Testing and Commissioning of Temperature Sensors, Data Acquisition System & IIoT System for collecting and monitoring temperatures of various sections of a cold storage facility.


ABAD has a seafood processing center located in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The plant is divided into the following different sections :

  • Shrimp washing
  • Grading at two different lines
  • Four freezers – two Air blast freezer and two Brine freezers
  • Four process rooms- one cold storage, one anteroom and two chill rooms (for quality check through temperature measurement & analysis )

The customer was looking for a solution to monitor and analyse the temperature measurements, both locally and centrally from their HQ to ensure product quality.


System Description:

The System consists of two dedicated Data Acquisition Systems:

One for Washing and Grading lines and the other main panel for Data aggregation and processing.

The two Local Control Panels (LCP) at washing & grading lines can display the temperature measurements locally. They give audible alerts to the operator during abnormalities.

These panels are connected to the central panel for data communication. The central panel connects the temperature sensors at other sections.

The main panel has an Analog Input module and a data gateway for data aggregation, communication and processing. Data gateway will collect the data from the two LCPs.

The data gateway stores it locally in its internal memory and transfer the data to the cloud system periodically. Gateway will store data in its internal memory if there’s an internet connection failure.   The incremental data will synchronize with the cloud system once the Internet connection is up.

The customer can view and analyse the data through a web user interface provided.  Besides, our Android & iOS mobile apps will provide easy access to the cloud system for monitoring & analysis purposes. The system will also alert the operator with emails and SMS in case of abnormality.


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