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Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of the level and temperature sensors and Data Acquisition System for Production and Quality measurement of milk at MRCMPU.


MILMA was established in April 1980 with is head office at Trivandrum for the successful implementation of National Dairy Programme in Kerala.

There was a requirement from the customer for Data Acquisition System to ensure the quality of milk received at the customer side, by monitoring the level and temperature of the milk stored in the silos and transmit this data over the cloud to central software integrated to ERP in Head Office.

System Description:


The old system comprises of manual logging of level and temperature through local gauges. There are chances of missing out critical data as the logging is done at certain intervals and hence quality of delivered milk cannot be assured.

The solution provided includes continuous measurement and logging of level and temperature of milk in the silos. Edge computing alerts the user at field in case of abnormalities, thus allowing user to take preventive steps. A Mobile application that can access the cloud database is provided for all the above purpose.

All the data from different plants are stored in a secure central cloud hub that allows the data retention even in case of faults in local servers. The timely synchronization between Cloud hub and Central server helps to sync the data locally.

The central software and ERP work in synergy to result in critical actions like Dashboard and visualisation, forecasting, recommendations, Gate pass issue, Devices to take action and Search & Query.

By implementing this project, customer had the advantage of reduced manual efforts. By maintaining the temperature constant, consistent product quality is ensured and hence only quality product will reach the supply chain department and ultimately the customer. Data can be monitored locally & Centrally. Edge computing allows operator to take proactive decision, which overcomes operator defects and unexpected equipment faults. Central software results in Forecasting, Recommendation & other useful information. Since the data is stored in central server as well as cloud data hub, there is data resiliency.


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