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Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of PLC – SCADA system for Automatic Turbine Governor control and power plant modernisation.


KSEB hydroelectric power plant is equipped with 1 number of generation unit having capacity of 3 MW. The Power generated in the station is at 11 kV, 50Hz and is directly connected to 33kV Vithura Substation.

Due to the failure of existing PLC system, the Generator operation was running with relay logic based manual control system.

The speed governing the hydraulic system, Brushless Excitation system – AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and Protection system was also functioning in manual mode.

System Description: Automatic Turbine Governor

Due to the limitations in turbine control and machine protection systems, the existing system is replaced with an entirely new, highly reliable rugged automation system. The entire Hydro Electric Generation system is now controlled and monitored by a Centralised PLC with Local HMI and SCADA.

Generator Lube oil system, Cooling water distribution system, Hydraulic speed governor system and Transformer AVR are integrated with PLC for machine protection and control, Generator protection relay, ground fault protection relays and synchronous meters are incorporated as part of the Control & Protection System inside the Control Panel.

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