CONSYST’s mission is to foster Sustainability through the right use of Technology


The vision of CONSYST is to be a globally respected Engineering Organization that will keep improving the life on earth through sustainable innovations


CONSYST culture is built upon our core values.

We have developed international relationships and reputation since 2009, that has positioned us to where we are now.All our activities are based on our philosophy and core values, reflecting an understanding of what we stand for.

Green : Commited to ensureĀ  that existence fosters sustainability

People : People development is at the top of our priority

Innovation : Disrupting the industries we serve through innovative technologies is our culture.

Collaboration : Partnering with the right people is our growth strategy.

Professionalism : Maintaining professionalism in what we do keep us distinct from others.

Transparency : Our values are based on ethics and trust.And we know transparency ensure trust.


CONSYST will provide its clients with Quality Engineering Solutions and world-class Technical Solutions that will meet or exceed customer expectation. Everyone at CONSYST will be fully responsible for the highest standard of professional performance with continual improvement in processes and services to deliver value resulting in customer delight.